TWA Flight 800
The Impossible Zoom Climb

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Ray Lahr and John Clarke

Ray Lahr writings:

BBC Interview
The Real Deal - August 3, 2008
"The black boxes were recovered, after some time, and a very intrepid investigator found that four seconds had been removed from them."   Watch the interview...

Ten-Year Commemoration
What really happened on the evening of July 17, 1996, off the shore of Long Island? With sincere apologies to those who may not wish to be reminded, this is what I believe happened.

Radar Tape - March 21, 2004
“TWA800's forward speed as measured by radar would have decreased to 111 knots during the hypothetical zoom-climb. That just didn't happen. In fact, the radar detected a slight increase of speed during the period TWA800 was supposed to be in a zoom-climb. Quite simply, that means there was no zoom climb.”

Motion to Amend Granted - November 4, 2003
“Nearly one hundred witnesses saw a streak of light rising from the surface and intersecting with Flight 800. A huge explosion followed, and the debris fell downward in two flaming balls to the ocean. In order to explain away these eyewitnesses, the CIA postulated that after the nose of TWA800 was blown off, the remaining aircraft zoom-climbed from 13,800 feet to 17,000 feet trailing flames.”

Letter to RUPA - September 21, 2003
“Eighteen years into retirement, and I am still very much involved in aviation, although not in a way that I ever dreamed of. I am suing the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) for its calculations of the hypothetical zoom-climb of TWA800”

John Clarke writings:

James Sanders et al. v. United States of America et al.
Civil Rights Amended Complaint - Filed March 28, 2000
Violation of 42 U.S.C. § 2000 et seq., Privacy Protection Act of 1980; Violation of the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the United States Constitution; Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress; Civil Conspiracy

Opposition to defendants' motion to dismiss - Filed July 2, 2001
[Case transferred to Eastern District New York August 6, 2001]
[Sanders' now represented by other counsel]